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Update on SIIJLA Closure due to COVID-19

21 Jun 2020


Bismillahi Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim
In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

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Fridays: Jum'aa Prayers
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SIIJLA Executive Committee

President: Dr, Mohsin Ali
Vice President: Dr. Murtadha Khakoo
Secretary: Sabiha Haji
Treasurer: Hasnain Haji
Councilor: Sukaina Hasanali
Councilor: Mubina Sivjee

Update on SIIJLA closure due to COVID-19
In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

"And we reveal of the Qur'an that which is healing and a mercy to the believers" - Al-Isra: 82

Dear *|FNAME|*, 

Salaam Alaikum,
We hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe InshaAllah.  

SIIJLA would like to provide an update on where things stands around the ongoing closure of the center.  As the state of California moves into allowing faith based organizations to reopen, there are significant guidelines and rules that need to be in place before any opening considerations are to be made.
While we put in a lot of thought when we decided to close the center, the effort to reopen will be significantly more complicated. There are various factors that we need to evaluate as we follow the recommended guidelines provided to us from the Los Angeles County of Public Health, State of CA Governor office, CAL OSHA and the CDC.
The following is a basic summary of steps that would need to be taken from a planning and execution perspective to open the center when its safe to do so and we want to ensure the community has a preview in full transparency of this as to what it will take, InshaAllah:
1. Decision Planning on opening - This includes team appointment, legal, medical and insurance advice, and risk assessments.
2. Planning of space - This concerns the calculation of our maximum space capacity, ensuring adequate ventilation, plan on cleaning and sanitizing, marking of prayers and sitting areas.
3. Plan on use of Equipment - This considers building reconfiguration (signage, markings, barrier tape) face marks for congregants that arrive without their own, adequate hand sanitizers, cleaning products, and engages congregants to ensure they bring their own equipment (face masks, Musallah, Turbah, Qur’an, reusable shoe bag(s)).
4. Plan of Volunteers - This deals with the assignment of COVID safety volunteers, crowd control, training, queue management, the venue’s deep cleaning, etc.
5. Preparing the Community - We will need to educate the community on safety criteria for coming to the mosque, ensuring everyone bring their own prayer rug, Turbah, Qur’an, educate on face covering so that we do not propagate the virus in our congregation.
6. Planning the Pre-program - This involves planning a pre-booking system, planning for queues, plans for Entrance/Exit, basic screening of congregants, planning for a one-way system of congregants.
7. Planning the Program - This concerns enforcing capacity restrictions, ensuring that the minimum 6 feet social distance is adhered to and for example reminders to perform sunnah prayers at home, etc.
8. Planning the Post-Program - We will need to clean the entire used/usable area after each prayer/program, while ensuring no contact between the congregation such as handshakes/socializing, also contactless donations and, to clear disposed PPEs (if any). 
9. Planning for any unforeseen problem/issues - Further if someone is COVID positive, enabling their dealing on this matter with their local authorities, contact tracing, and supporting those who should not be coming to the mosque if they are COVID ineligible.

Clearly, based on the above, reopening the center is not going to be an easy undertaking and, ensuring your safety is and will always be our top priority. As of today, the risk levels of reopening the center are still significantly high.

In light of the above, for your protection, SIIJLA EC has decided to keep the center closed at this time. We continue to monitor the situation and review the evolving conditions at hand, which may enable opening of the center in the future.

Note: Muharram 2020 virtual program planning is under way and information will be provided as soon as we have the details to share, InshaAllah.

Please reach out to our Secretary - Sister Sabiha Haji should you have any questions.  May Allah (SWT) continue to bless us and our families and protect us all with the best of health, InshaAllah.
With Salaams & Du’as,
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