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PROGRAM REMINDER: IN PERSON & ONLINE: Shadadat of Imam Hasan AS - Tonight Tuesday Sept 14, 2021

14 Sep 2021


Bismillahi Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim
In Allah's Name, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

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Fridays: Jum'aa Prayers (postponed)
Sundays: Madressah (postponed)


SIIJLA EC - 2020-2022
President: Dr. Mohsin Ali
Vice President: Dr. Murtadha Khakoo
Secretary: Sabiha Haji
Treasurer: Hasnain Haji
Councilor: Mubina Sivjee
Councilor: Sukaina Hasanali

Program Reminder: Shahadat of Imam Hasan al Mujtaba AS

"Allah SWT did not open the gateway of invocation for anyone, to then shut off from him the gateway of response. Nor did a man open the door of action, to then have the door of acceptance shut off from him, nor was the door of gratitude opened for the servant, to have the door of accretion (plentiful) shut off from him."
- Imam Hasan AS
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Salaamun Alaikum,

We hope you and your family are doing well and keeping safe, InshaAllah.

SIIJLA invites you to join us at our physical location or online tonight Tuesday September 14, 2021 7:45PM (Dinner) / 8:30PM (Program) commemorating the Shahadat of Imam Hasan AS.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to attend SIIJLA in person for this or future upcoming programs, this is a reminder that you must complete your in person registration to ensure we have an accurate count of in person attendence to plan for tabarook and niyaz.

For those not attending in person, the programs will be livestreamed via ZOOM & YouTube InshaAllah.

Finally, only fully vaccinated individuals (12+) will be permitted to enter the center. Children under the age of 12 will be permitted to enter the center with their parents.  Masks are required at all times while at the center.

SIIJLA Address:
7925 Serapis Avenue
Pico Rivera, CA  90660

ZOOM: Link
Meeting ID: 514 926 4850
Passcode: siijla786


Shadadat of Imam Hasan AS - 7:45PM (Dinner) / 8:30PM (Program)
Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

  • Namaaz (Namaaz time 7:14pm) - Center will open at 7:00PM
  • 7:45PM - Dinner
  • 8:30PM - Du'a Tawassul - Suhail Haji
  • 8:50PM - Marshiya - Syed Jown Riyaz
  • 8:55PM - Majlis - Live Speaker - Shaykh Ahmad Modarres
  • 9:35PM - Maatam - Amin Dhala
  • 9:40PM - Ziyarat & Du'a Faraj - Dr. Murtadha Khakoo
With Salaams & Du'as,

SIIJLA Executive Committee
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