Sunday School

Salaamun Alaykum,

Welcome to Huseini Sunday School,

Our academic 2018-2019 year begins on Sunday, September 30, 2018. Classes are from 11am-2:15pm. To the returning parents, welcome back! For parents new to us, we are excited to welcome you and your children to our Sunday School and look forward to meeting you!

For the academic calendar for the upcoming year, please click go here: 2018-2019 Academic Calendar, please click this link (PDF).

With Salaams & Duas.

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About us


Few people realize what an impact the SIIJLA Madressa has made on our community here. The little over thirty years of the school serves to illustrate what has been achieved so far, and is a tribute to all those whose ideas and efforts have gone into building a healthy future for our next generation... Our school is the pride of the community and a tribute to the vision and foresight of those who saw its usefulness all those years ago. May Allah bless all those who have given their time and effort, both in the past and present, to help in imparting knowledge about His religion to our children.


  • Motivating, educating, and enhancing the Islamic knowledge of the community children and youth
  • Employing modern methods to provide moral, psychological, and practical guidance and training to community children and youth in accordance with Islamic values


  • Educate community children and youth to appreciate and understand the Qur'an, Islamic knowledge and values
  • Guide community children and youth in developing and cultivating a strong Islamic identity by acquainting them with past and present contributions of Islam
  • Promote fraternity through social activities amongst the children, youths and the community at large


  • Create, implement, and oversee teaching philosophy and curricula
  • Maintain up-to-date student records including registration, attendance, and grades
  • Solicit and recognize volunteers as needed
  • Publish and circulate information through quarterly programs and functions
  • Arrange for teacher development programs as required


The following etiquette guideline aims to establish a fair and equal classroom environment where everyone can participate without any reservations.

Personal Akhlaq

  • At the school, we expect all our students to have the best Akhlaq! Remember you are always responsible for your own Akhlaq!
  • In accordance with the above, students are expected to display the following Akhlaq in all classes and all situations:
  • Always be your best and do your best
  • Treat all others and their property with courtesy & respect
  • Listen to your teacher and to your classroom colleagues when they are speaking
  • Follow all the instructions given by your teacher
  • Make sure you bring all appropriate materials to class
  • Be on time for all lessons and activities

General Code of Conduct

  • Each week you are expected to bring: your manual; pens; pencils; rulers and erasers
  • An Islamic dress code should be observed by all [see below]
  • Food, drink, chewing gum etc are only to be consumed during break time.
  • Classrooms must be left as clean as they were at the beginning of the day
  • Valuable items (mobile phones, iPods etc) are to be kept switched off and stored at the bottom of your bag. All items are brought in at your own risk. Confiscated items can only be collected by parents/guardians from the Madressa office.
  • The School fully expects all its students to ensure that these rules are observed at all times and in all situations.


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